North Bay King Of The Hill Dragway Stories

Story by: by Rod Aubertin


Over the last few years there has been a rise in the number of street racing incidents so keeping the racing under proper supervision and in a controlled environment instead of the street was the theme of the 5th Annual King of The Hill held in North Bay June 22nd to the 24th. The North Bay Police Service noted that events such as this help keep our streets safe and permit individuals to test their driving skills and prowess in a proper venue.

The record setting weekend of registered cars got off to a start on Friday with some drivers from Sault Ste. Marie attacking the green racetrack at the Jack Garland Airport. After a number of time trials there was enough rubber on the track to bring out the more powerful Semi and Super Pro cars.

Making his first drag race even, Diesel Dave, had problems with his turbo charger Friday night and as usual Doug Quinton from Gail Joy Investments lent his expertise to get Dave out on the strip for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday had Ed Wellwood, who made it to the quarter finals last year, had to settle for the top 16 while Jeremy Yourchuck made it to the money round for the first time in his career.

Rick Atkins broke a U-joint and damaged the rear end housing which put an early end to the weekend for his Valiant.

Bernie Beauvais Sr and Bernie Jr both shared their car while Sr raced in the Street Class and Jr competing in the Semi Pro division. Sr failed to make the final 16 and had to settle to only racing on Saturday while Jr had a good weekend getting their car dialed in on each pass made. Bill Yourchuck could not improve his quarter final appearance last year and had to settle for only going a couple of rounds on Sunday.

The next big drag race event is in Elliot Lake July 13th to the 16th.